Best Temperature for Dry Mode

What is the Best Temperature for Dry Mode in Your Aircon

If you search for the best temperature for dry mode, you are in the right place. This article will explain the details of dry mode in an aircon and the best-suited temperature for this mode. The dry mode of the aircon can help you increase the efficiency of your aircon if you have enough knowledge about it.

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Most people want to use the latest HVAC systems with cool mode and dry mode temperature settings. However, they have limited knowledge of the right temperature for each option. If you’re curious about the optimum temperature for dry and cool modes, read through the below sections to enhance your knowledge.

What is a Dry Type Mode in the Aircon?

Before we discuss the best temperature for dry mode, we should learn about the dry type mode and what it is. The dry mode temperature setting is a novelty in the air conditioning systems but is common in the new aircon models. Typically, a water drop on the aircon remote depicts the dry-type mode. In contrast, a snowflake symbol describes the cool mode.

But what is the difference between the dry mode and the cool mode? And what are these modes’ effects on the environment in your room? The primary function of the dry mode is to bring down the humidity to lower the room temperature.

What is the Function of Dry Mode?

Living in Singapore city, humidity always translates to a boost in temperature. Even at low temperatures, the humidity level remains high. The dry setting on ac will reduce the humidity level and is most suitable during periods in the year when the humidity is high.

The rainy seasons increase the humidity level to the utmost height. However, it is important to understand that humidity can also exist during cool weather. Therefore, the dry type mode is applicable in cool weather.

Best Temperature for Dry Mode

When we turn on the dry setting on an air conditioner, the fan and other machine components start running. However, the unit doesn’t blow out any cool air. The air in the home goes through the aircon, and the water vapor compresses on the evaporator. The dry airflow will leave the system and airflow back into the area.

Assuming that the AC thermostat is set to 25°C and the moisture level in the room is about 90%, the aircon will reduce moisture till the temperature is 25°C in the room. When we turn on the aircon, the fan sucks in the air, and the compressor cuts in to make the moisture condensation easy.

The compressor and fan will stop once the space temperature drops to 25°C. The moisture rises slowly once again, and so does the temperature. When the temperature rises above 26°C, the system starts running once again the cycle repeats itself. Therefore, the best temperature for dry mode is 25°C.

Best Temperature for Dry Mode in Your Aircon

Benefits of the Dry Mode

 The dry mode has many benefits which are given below,

Efficient System

If you keep using the cool mode to reduce the temperature, it is not as efficient as it may seem. It would help if you also used the dry mode during hot and humid seasons. Therefore, it is better to switch to the dry mode when it’s humid.

When using the dry mode, your air conditioner’s compressor runs slower, so the aircon consumes less energy. Using it more frequently will reduce your energy costs and is better for the environment as it will reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Healthy Environment

When we optimally utilize the dry and cooling modes, we reduce the humidity level to bring down the temperature. When the humidity level is reduced, the air quality improves, and sweetness decreases. The tiredness and clamminess are often caused by humidity in the air. Therefore, reducing the humidity level can also help alleviate common allergy and asthma triggers caused by mold, and dust mites, which grow in an excessively humid environment.

High humidity can increase these symptoms and make a healthy person ill. Many allergens can attack the body, and diseases like wheezing, difficulty breathing, itchy eyes, skin rashes, reduced resistance to infections, respiratory allergies, and a diminished immune system.


The best temperature for dry mode is optimally selected to maintain a cool, healthy, and moisture-free environment in the room. The dry mode also increases the overall energy efficiency of the aircon, mostly used in the cool mode. This mode is the main cause of reducing the humidity in the air, which makes the environment healthy.

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