What is the Advantage of Inverter Aircon

What is the Advantage of Inverter Aircon?

In this article, we will discuss the advantage of inverter aircon. Inverter aircon is a recent addition to the aircon family. Inverter aircon has many advantages over non-inverter aircon like it regulates the compressor motor speed to adjust the temperature. The primary standout feature of the inverter aircon is to control the compressor speed.

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Regulating the compressor speed allows the aircon to adjust the temperature more energy-efficiently. The energy efficiency of the inverter aircon is one of the many advantages over the non-inverter aircon. We will discuss the advantages of inverter aircon in this article in detail.

Introduction to The Inverter Aircon Technology

The inverter aircon technology originated in Japan and later gained popularity across the globe. As mentioned earlier, the inverter aircon technology emphasizes the energy-efficient compressor drive. In addition to that, the inverter aircon does heating as well as cooling. This feature differentiates the inverter aircon from the non-inverter aircon.

How Does the Inverter Aircon Work?

The inverter works like an accelerator of a vehicle. If the compressor requires more power, the inverter allows it to draw more power, and if the compressor requires less energy, the inverter limits the input current supply.

At the start, when the room temperature is high, the compressor requires more current or electrical power to lower the temperature. As soon as the room temperature drops, the inverter reduces the input current hence the electrical power consumption. This way, the inverter aircon saves approximately 30-50% of energy compared to the non-inverter aircon.

Advantages of Inverter Aircon

Inverter aircon has many advantages over conventional aircon. Here we will discuss the benefits of the inverter aircon over the non-inverter aircon.

Energy Efficient

The most significant advantage of inverter aircon is energy conservation. The magnitude of cooling or heating depends on the room temperature. When the aircon starts, the compressor motor rotates at high speed and consumes more power to lower the temperature.

But after some time, the compressor speed and power consumption reduce. In other words, the inverter aircon adjusts to the functional condition inside the room and maintains a desirable and persistent temperature.

Eco Friendly

Inverter aircon has another advantage which is essential in the context of climate change and global warming. The inverter AC is eco-friendly as compared to its conventional counterparts. This feature is due to the automatic speed adjustment of the aircon compressor.

Cost Saving

With the rise in demand for electricity, the per-unit price has increased. Electricity prices are even higher in countries where thermal power has a dominant share in the overall power mix.

Therefore, it is crucial to operate your aircon as per the demand. The advantage of the inverter aircon is the automatic adjustment of compressor speed and power consumption for room temperature changes. In other words, the unit does not always work at full capacity, but it adjusts to the conditions and optimizes the power consumption.

Soundless Operation

The inverter aircon compressor does not turn off when it achieves the desired temperature. In contrast, the compressor of conventional aircon turns off and on after reaching certain temperatures. This phenomenon produces sound.

On the contrary, the compressor of the inverter aircon remains on at low power, which means that the compressor does not turn off and on frequently, making the overall aircon cooling process soundless.

Long Lasting

The conventional aircon system works hard to maintain the temperature, affecting the aircon’s lifespan. On the contrary, the inverter aircon works steadily on low power to maintain the temperature. Therefore, the aircon components are not heavily loaded, and their lifespan is relatively longer than those of the conventional AC.

Advantage of Inverter Aircon

Fast Cooling

Fast Cooling is another prime advantage of inverter aircon. The conventional aircon cannot adjust the compressor speed to meet the requirement of fast cooling; instead, it takes time to cool the room. Conversely, the inverter aircon adjusts its compressor speed and takes less time to cool the room. Once the room temperature lowers to a certain level, the aircon adjusts the compressor speed again to conserve energy.

Smart Interfacing of the Inverter Aircon

The inverter aircon utilizes modern technology and can connect to a PC or mobile phone. You can control energy consumption through remote access to your modern inverter aircon.

Furthermore, the modern inverter aircon allows you to schedule the automatic turn on and off, reducing the headache of applying manual energy consumption techniques.


The primary advantage of inverter aircon is that its compressor speed is adjustable, which makes it robust and energy efficient. Since the inverter aircon utilizes the most modern technology, these Aircons are remotely controllable. Fast cooling, soundless operation, eco-friendly feature, and the energy-efficient compressor drive makes inverter aircon way better than its conventional counterpart. You may need to invest a fraction more money in buying the inverter aircon, but these Aircons are worth it.

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