How To Install A Split Type Aircon

How To Install A Split Type Aircon: A DIY Guide

Aircons are a luxury to have in the hot weather. They save us from the blistering heat on hot days. They provide us with a comfortable environment to work in and sleep in. Split-type Air Cons are fine for the job. Once we install them, we can forget all about the heat and the high temperature. We can only focus on our comfort. But one problem lies here. Some people don’t know how to install a split type aircon. Some of them do take the help of professionals for this purpose.

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But many people don’t want to take outside help and want to do the task themselves. Keeping these people in mind, we were going to take a step-wise look at the complete process. We will talk about installing a split type aircon in your home without any hassle. We will try to sufficiently answer the question, “What is split type aircon installation by DIY method?” 

Installation Of Split Type Aircon 

Here are the steps telling in complete detail the process of how to install a split type aircon:

1: Compressor Installation Outside And Pipe Connection

The compressor unit of the aircon is to be installed outside. For this purpose, find a good roomy place on a wall and install the holding brackets. Mount the compressor on these brackets and secure it in place. Once you have done this installation, drill holes in the wall for the refrigerant lines. These lines will carry the air to and from the compressor.

They connect the compressor outside with the inside unit. To check the lines for leaks and moisture, you must connect them to a vacuum. Connect the compressor line to the vacuum to remove any moisture in the copper wire. 

2: Mount The Indoor Unit And Connect The Lines 

Once you are done with the outside unit, you should choose a spot for the indoor unit. Once you have chosen a spot, mount the brackets on the wall and mount the aircon. The inside unit sends the cool air into the whole room and cools down the room. Thus, you should ensure that it is present in a place from where the air reaches the whole room. 

Once the mounting is complete, connect the refrigerant lines from the outside to the inside unit. This process will also require some holes in the wall for the tubes to pass. Drill a couple of holes in the wall or one big hole and pass the tubes. Once they are inside, connect them to the indoor unit. Secure the connection of the tubes using a spanner, and make sure to keep them tight. This will prevent any leakage and will prevent aircon malfunction. 

Install A Split Type Aircon

3: Connect The Power Supply  

The aircon needs a power supply to work, and cool down the air. Thus, the next step in split type Aircon installation is connecting it to power lines, or an outlet. Proper installation can only be done when the aircon is close to the outlets. Greater distance does work, but you are gonna need a longer power cord. 

During this step, ensure that you are connecting the aircon to an adequate power supply. Supplies that can handle the load are the requirement for the aircon to work. When the cord or the power supply unit can’t handle the load, a short circuit might occur. To prevent this, make sure that you are using a strong power supply.

4: Turn The Aircon On And Enjoy  

Once you have chosen a good power supply, you can go ahead and turn the unit on. You are done with the installation of split type aircon. Proper connection of the whole procedure will allow you to start the aircon. If properly installed, the aircon will start blowing cold air instantly. You can enjoy this cool air and can use the aircon all day long. 

The whole process to install a split type aircon is easy enough for many. But regardless of its simplicity, we do recommend taking the help of professionals. They have the required tools and experience to do the process instantly. This also causes the least damage to the aircon, whereas many novices damage the unit. For a little price, you can avoid the hassle, and can get the aircon installed professionally.


Now you know how to install a split type aircon. Mounting the inside and outside units and connecting them by refrigerant lines sums up the process. All you need to do next is to connect the aircon to the power supply and you are done. Enjoy the cool air of the aircon, and pass your time in comfort. 

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