Panasonic Aircon vs Mitsubishi

Which One Is Better: Panasonic Aircon Or Mitsubishi?

Panasonic and Mitsubishi have been competing in the aircon market for quite a while. Both companies make excellent quality aircon units for everyday use. They also have air conditioners for large-scale and residential use. The Air Cons of both companies deliver ultimate power and performance. But when it comes to the best aircon producer between the two, there can only be one winner.

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People often find themselves torn between the two companies in choosing their air conditioners. They often wonder which is better, Panasonic aircon or Mitsubishi. Today, we are going to tackle this question for you. We are going to closely compare some main features of the Air Cons. By the end of this article, you will know the best aircon for you.

Panasonic Aircon or Mitsubishi – Cooling Range 

The first thing you should know about the Air Cons of companies is their range of cooling. Aircons of both companies can cool down small and large apartments. They are also useful for cooling down large residential areas. But Panasonic aircon takes the lead in this case. This is because they offer a wider range of cooling options, such as the variable refrigerant flow VRF. 

But for residential use, Mitsubishi aircon takes the lead. This is because they use triple indoor unit systems for a single outdoor unit. One unit on the outside can connect to three inside handles. This allows you to use these handles in three different rooms with a single outdoor unit. 

Panasonic Vs Mitsubishi – Cooling Power  

Cooling power differs with the type of aircon used. Residential AC’s have lower power as compared to commercial ones. For this discussion, we are going to focus on residential units only. 

We compared the mini-split system aircon from Panasonic with the Mitsubishi Seer Tri Zone aircon split system. The Exterios has a BTU capacity of 24,000, but it operates very quietly.  This unit is perfect for small rooms and flats. 

But the Mitsubishi Seer Tri Zone comes with a 27000 BTU capacity and has three indoor units. These are perfect for use in a house with many rooms. The only downside is that the whole system is quite loud. Thus, you should only get the Mitsubishi unit if you have a big horse. 

Panasonic Aircon Or Mitsubishi


We are again going to compare the same models we used in comparing the power. Both units are excellent in terms of their usability. Both come with a remote control to control the temperature and flow. But both lack some advanced features like Wifi or smartphone connection. 

The Panasonic Exterios, however, has a few extra features. It has an eco mode, timer option, fan speed option, and a digital display on the remote. All these options can be controlled by the remote control itself. This gives the user a good advantage when using the aircon.

The Mitsubishi model lacks these features. The remote only has a handful of buttons to change modes and functions. The remote is digital, and the three buttons allow easy use when compared to the Panasonic model. The extra modes on the Exterios can make its use difficult for some people.  


The Panasonic model takes the lead in this one. It comes with a whopping 7-year warranty on all parts of the unit. The Mitsubishi model only comes with a 1-year warranty for all parts. The replacement of the parts also comes under this warranty, and there is no separate one for them. 


We have talked about the aircon of both companies. We have discussed some features of these air conditioners. In some respects, Panasonic leads the way. But in some others, Mitsubishi tops the charts. The residential cooling power of Panasonic is much higher. For commercial uses, Mitsubishi comes ahead.

As regards usability, Panasonic offers a wider range of options. But Mitsubishi units are easier to use and are minimalistic. The cooling range of Panasonic is less than that of Mitsubishi, but units of Panasonic are quiet. Panasonic comes on top in the warranty comparison. These are some salient features of the Air Cons of both companies. Hopefully, now you know the difference between Panasonic aircon and Mitsubishi units. And you’ll be able to choose the best one for you. 

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