difference between General Aircon Servicing Vs Chemical Wash

General Aircon Servicing Vs Chemical Wash – Comparison

We all are well aware that aircon requires maintenance from time to time, but most of us lack knowledge about how much time we should do service of our Aircons. To be precise, your aircon needs maintenance at least once a year. If you are comprising, there is a considerable chance that your aircon may stop working soon.

Your aircon keeps working throughout the year, and just like any other machinery, it needs maintenance because of dust and debris accumulation. You don’t need to suspect something wrong to schedule maintenance; instead, it should be a routine procedure.

Depending on the condition of your aircon, your service provider may charge you different prices for their work. There are two basic types of services normally provided by various service providers. One is general service, and another one is chemical wash service.

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General aircon servicing vs aircon chemical wash people ask about the best and which one they should choose for their aircon. Following is their comparison so that you can have proper knowledge of what these are and which one to opt for.

General Aircon Servicing


During general aircon servicing, parts of the aircon, like the air filter, air blower, fan oil cover, and drainage, are removed to clean these offsite. Service providers also clean some components onsite, including fan coil parts.

Though some components are not detachable, they clean these parts using a brush, vacuum cleaner, and a piece of cloth. To wash those detached parts, brush and water are used onsite or offsite as water is neutral and safe to use compared to acids or bases.

Level of Technical Knowledge Needed

As the process does not involve opening the entire fan coil and pumping up and down refrigerant, a high level of technical knowledge is not needed. It generally takes two technicians to work for 20-30 minutes to complete the entire process.

When is it Needed

It depends on the environment and the workload of the aircon we recommend using this service every 3 to 4 months. However, some commercial users need to get this done more often, like once every two months, as aircon has higher usage in commercial buildings like restaurants, shopping malls, and hospitals.

Cost and Effectiveness

It is cheaper as it requires less work and no deep cleaning. It does not solve severe problems like clogging of fan coils.

Some service providers don’t detach drainage trays for offsite cleaning, and you should take care as this is a shortcoming in their service.

General Aircon Servicing Vs Chemical Wash

Aircon Chemical Wash


It is a high-end procedure compared to general aircon servicing to remove almost every problem in an aircon. In contrast to general service, it involves the removal of the entire fan coil for offsite cleaning using a brush, water, and chemical solution. No components are washed onsite as thorough cleaning is done in this process.

Level of Technical Knowledge Needed

As already mentioned, it is a complex process, so it needs more technical staff to carry out the process. So it needs two technical people to remove the fan coil and disassemble it to wash all these parts offsite for almost an hour and then reassemble them. It also requires proper handling of the chemical solution and appropriate knowledge of using it, so it does not dissolve metal.

When is it Needed

We recommend getting Aircon chemical wash done twice or at least once a year, depending on your usage and environment. Most residential users follow this, while commercial users may have to use it 3 to 4 times a year.

Cost and Effectiveness

It must be clear to you until now that it is a bit more expensive as compared to general service as it needs more work and technical knowledge. Also, it is more effective in cleaning all the aircon parts and bringing them back to normal working.

General Aircon Servicing VS Aircon Chemical Washup

In General Aircon Servicing vs Aircon Chemical Wash both these procedures are good enough depending on your needs. You should opt for general service if there is no problem with your aircon and it needs usual maintenance. But if there is some problem in cooling or you have not used general service for a while. It is advisable to use Aircon chemical washup as it will remove all the dirt and debris.

It can solve almost all the problems, but too much of it can cause issues like wearing metal components because of the chemical solution they use for cleaning. Though chemical washing is costly and time-consuming because of its complex procedures, it is worth it.

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