Difference Between Aircon Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul

Difference Between Aircon Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul

One of the most common practices we do with our aircon units is that we do their cleaning and repair after every 4 to 5 months. This is not good for the overall quality maintenance of the aircon unit as it can lead to declined performance. The best practice is to clean the aircon every 1 to 2 months regularly.

Several options are available to do this type of cleaning, but the primary debate is Aircon chemical wash vs chemical overhaul for the cleaning job. Today we will settle this debate once and for all so that you know the best practice between the two.

What is Chemical Cleaning?

In aircon chemical wash or chemical cleaning, we use a chemical solution to thoroughly clean all parts of the aircon unit, including its filters, water trays, and coils. This type of cleaning has the advantage of killing all the bacteria and molds growing inside the aircon unit and stopping them from growing in the future.

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The performance of the aircon unit will also be improved as there will be no buildup of any kind inside it, and energy usage will be less, leading to increased savings of money. This is why an aircon needs a chemical wash.

What is Chemical Overhaul?

An aircon chemical overhaul is one step ahead of chemical washing. In this process, a technician cleans the aircon unit, including all its external and internal parts. The technician cleans the filters, water tray, and coils like chemical washing. But in addition to cleaning these parts, he also cleans the drainage pipes, the coils used for heat exchange, and the blower wheels.

This method is a little more sophisticated for aircon performance as all the problems within an aircon unit are identified and solved on the spot. All blockages in drainage pipes and air vents are removed to make the aircon unit as good as new.

Aircon Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul

Now that you know the different aircon cleaning methods, it is time to compare the two and see which one is better.

1. Extent Of Cleaning

As we have already mentioned, the extent of cleaning of the aircon unit is less in the chemical washing process than in the chemical overhaul. In chemical washing, we use chemicals to clean the aircon and kill bacteria and molds. While in chemical overhaul, we clean the aircon unit and fix any technical errors in the unit.

The dismantling of the aircon unit is also different in each type of cleaning process. In chemical washing, there is little to no dismantling since the extent of cleaning is low. While in chemical overhaul, there is an almost complete dismantling of the aircon unit since the extent of cleaning is greater.

Aircon Chemical Wash Vs Chemical Overhaul

2. Price

Chemical washing is cheaper when we compare it to chemical overhaul. This is because, in washing, we use simple cleaning techniques to clean the aircon unit, while in overhaul, we have to get deeper into the problem to make the aircon as good as new.

This is likely to cost more money as not only more cleaning supplies will be needed, but the help of a technician in dismantling different parts of the aircon can also cost us a lot.

3. Effectiveness

Both types of cleaning methods are effective in cleaning the aircon unit, and the matter essentially comes down to your personal choice and the condition of your aircon unit. If your aircon is in good shape and has good overall performance, and you want to get it cleaned for the sake of cleaning, chemical washing will be the best choice.

But suppose your aircon has not seen a good cleaning for many years and there is also a decline in its overall performance. In that case, you might want to consider getting a chemical overhaul as it will not only improve the unit’s performance but also clean it and remove all molds and bacteria.


Now to settle the debate of Aircon chemical wash vs chemical overhaul. It is dependent on your aircon unit’s performance and its overall cleaning condition. Getting a chemical wash will be the best choice if you think the performance is average and you need to clean the aircon for its regular cleaning rotation.

But if you need to improve the aircon’s performance and get a thorough cleaning job of its parts, get a chemical overhaul. A chemical overhaul is better for many old aircon units, as it ensures a good performance turnout. But chemical washing will be the way to go for the standard aircon units that need a little dusting.

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