Daikin Aircon Light Blinking and How To fix It?

Though Daikon Aircon lights are known for their superior quality, you can still sometimes face blinking problems with them. Contrary to what some people think, solving the Daikin Aircon light blinking problem is not complex and is hassle-free.  

However, these blinking problems can sometimes indicate issues with your electrical unit. That is why you cannot just ignore them. If you also face the Daikin Aircon light blinking issues, check out the following context.

Below are some tips using which you cannot only determine the potential problems in the unit but can also solve them.

How To Solve Daikin Aircon Blinking Issues?

The following are a few potential issues that can be the potential reason for Daikin Light Blinking issues. Besides stating the issues, their respective solutions have also been mentioned, which can aid in fixing the blinking problems.

  • Power Cord Issue 

The foremost aspect that can cause blinking issues is the damaged power cord. The power cord issues occur in the electrical unit of the Daikin lights. You will need to open the unit and analyze whether the cord is externally or internally damaged. 

Light blinking is only the initial consequence of a damaged power cord. If you don’t solve it soon, other electrical issues may also occur. Therefore, you must fix the power cord issue as soon as possible. A damaged power cord cannot be repaired; instead, it must be replaced so that no such problem occurs again.

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You can easily replace the cord, but if you are facing trouble in doing so, you can also avail yourself of the Daikin company’s customer service. However, if you cannot attain their services, you can even take assistance from any other Aircon repairing company.

  • Faulty Battery

Not every time the problem exists in the electrical unit of lights. Sometimes, it might be the remote battery making the Daikin lights blink. Thus, before directly opening the unit and finding faults, you should check the remote that controls the electrical unit. 

Open the back of the remote, where batteries are present. Like other devices, the remote’s batteries can run out over time. Therefore, it is necessary to replace them after some time. If you don’t do so, then blinking issues can occur, which can finally lead to the shut down of the Daikin unit. Thus, immediately change them so that no such problem occurs again.

  • Filter Problem

Sometimes the problem can be in your filter that might be causing the blinking light problem. Over time, dirt and dust can accumulate in the filters, which can cause functional problems in the unit. Thus, before calling the technician, check whether the dirty filter is the ailment behind the blinking lights. 

If a dirty filter causes the blinking light problem, then you can solve this issue with a simple DIY. You won’t need professional help to cope with this problem. The following are a few steps that can help you clean the Daikin filters properly. 

  • Take a cleaning spray and a tub of lukewarm water. 
  • Plug out the unit before opening it.
  • Take the filters out and brush the dust off them.
  • Then soak them in water and leave them there for at least 15 minutes.
  • Clean the filters using the cleaning spray. 
  • Take aid from a brush and scrub off the filters gently. 
  • After a thorough cleansing, rinse them off.
  • Now let the filter dry for a few hours.

After cleaning the filters, you will observe a noticeable difference in the functioning of the electrical unit. Moreover, the Daikin light blinking problem will also be solved. Dirty filters cannot only cause light blinking problems, but they can also lead to a foul odor creation around the unit. That is why it is crucial to clean the filters regularly so that no such problem occurs. 

  • Leaking Units 

Leaking electrical units can also be another ailment that can potentially cause Daikin lights to blink. You can easily spot a leaking unit, as fluid might flow down the unit. If you have also spotted a faulty unit making the lights blink, then immediately call for an Aircon technician.

Leaking units cannot be adequately repaired without professional help. Thus, it is recommended not to employ DIYs to fix this problem. Instead, call for a specialist to fix the unit as soon as possible.

If you don’t fix it soon, the leakage can penetrate the electrical compartments of the unit and can cause other functional problems. 

Daikin Aircon Light Blinking

  • Damaged Unit 

In some unfortunate situations, the Daikin light blinking problem can be caused by a faulty electrical unit. If you cannot spot any of the aforementioned ailments responsible for blinking lights, the unit must be damaged, causing the lights to blink. 

Thus, in such situations, call the Aircon repairing company and tell them the ailment. They will send a technician for the relevant task, who will either repair or replace the damaged unit. Repairing a damaged unit costs less than replacing it, but it won’t be that effective.

There will always be chances of the unit getting damaged again. That is why it is advised to replace the Daikin unit upon damage. 

Immediate Steps to Stop Light Blinking 

The solutions for Daikin aircon light blinking will require some time to become effective. But it does not mean you should leave the lights blinking during this period. Instead, there are some immediate measures that you should opt for to stop light blinking while the ailment gets solved. 

  • Once you notice the lights blinking, take immediate troubleshoot steps to stop the light blinking temporarily. 
  • To troubleshoot the light blinking, take the remote control and remove its cover.
  • There you will find the cancel button. 
  • Press it for about 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Once you do it, the estimations on the remote’s screen will be replaced by double zeros.
  • As zero digits begin to flash, press the cancel button again.
  • After that, the remote will indicate the ailment causing the Daikin lights to blink.
  • Once you have determined the ailment, call for professional help.
  • Meanwhile, switch off the Daikin system so that the ailment does not proceed and damage counterparts of the Daikin unit.


If you cannot locate the ailment causing the Daikin lights to blink, then don’t experiment with solving the problem using DIYs. Instead, contact the service company immediately and ask for their assistance. Only a professional technician can repair your unit and solve the blinking light issue. 

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