What Temperature To Set Aircon In The Winter

Finding the right aircon temperature in the winter can be tricky. You have to find a balance between the heat and the amount of energy consumed. You want sufficient heat during the wintertime to avoid getting cold. But you also don’t want to run the unit a day and waste energy. So what is the best temperature for aircon in the winter? Today we are going to tackle this question. 

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Why Should You Set The Aircon To A Specific Temperature In The Winter?

Finding a set temperature to run the aircon during the winter is important for several different reasons. Some of the most important ones include: 

For Health Reasons  

The air quality during the winter season is different from the summer air. The humidity levels are different, and so is the temperature of the air outside. Running the aircon at a bas temperature might allow an increase in the humidity levels inside the room. This can be hazardous for several different reasons

First, the increased humidity can increase the cold in the room. You might get uncomfortable at lower temperatures. Secondly, this humidity can also foster the growth of mold and fungi in the room. These fungi can cause allergies and health problems. 

Thus, finding the best air conditioner temperature in the winter is important to prevent all this. Not only will your health not suffer, but you will also be comfortable. 

Energy Saving 

When the aircon is run at very high temperatures during the winter season, energy is wasted. It is no guarantee that you will feel comfortable at this higher temperature. But you’ll waste energy in reaching it. For this reason, you should find such an aircon temperature in the winter at which you are comfortable. This temperature is not always higher. 

Even at temperatures a slight degree higher than the outside one, many people feel comfortable. Thus, you can find a set temperature at which you feel comfortable. And you won’t have to worry about wasting energy. You will not only enjoy the heat but also save money.  

Increased Productivity  

When the temperature is too high inside the room, people lose their focus. Since they are uncomfortable, they can’t be productive. Finding a temperature at which people can focus without worrying about the heat is important. Thus, you should find a set temperature to run the aircon. At the best air conditioner temperature in the winter, your productivity will increase a lot. 

aircon temperature in the winter

So, What Is The Best Aircon Temperature In The Winter 

All in all, the best AC temperature in the winter should be between 15-19 °C. This range is a general estimation, and it may depend on several factors. These include the location of the room, the time of the day, and the frequency of opening your windows. But this range should work for most people. 

You can go slightly above this range during winter nights. This is because nighttime temperatures can decrease a lot. Running the aircon at lower temperatures might decrease the heat to overcome the cold. Thus, to ensure that you are comfortable, you can run the aircon at a slightly higher temperature. 

During the daytime, we recommend that you run the aircon between this range. On sunny days, the room might get hot due to the sun. And the higher temperature of the aircon might become uncomfortable. Within the range we recommended, you should be comfortable enough without wasting much energy.  

People with certain health conditions can also go beyond this range. Some people experience aches and pains during the cold and might like higher temperatures. If you have such a problem, you can go above the recommended range of temperature. We also recommend using an electric blanket to get extra heat during the night time. 


Finding the right aircon temperature in the winter is important. The right temperature not only makes you relaxed but also prevents energy loss. You are also more productive at the right temperature range. The best temperature range in the winter is between 15°C and 19°C. At this range, there is sufficient heat to relax you, and there is minimum energy wastage. 

But you can go above this temperature range during cold nights. You can also set the temperature to a higher one if your health doesn’t tolerate cold. But in general, this range should work for most people. It should provide relief from the cold during the winter months. 

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