How to Install a Window-Type Aircon

How to Install a Window-Type Aircon on Concrete Wall?

After doing enough homework on the suitable aircon type, if you want to Install window-type aircon in your room, read this article till the end. The installation of window aircon is tricky and requires some technical knowledge, or else the aircon will make so much noise.

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The installer must follow the instructions of the manufacturer to set the window aircon in place correctly. If you are not a technician but want to install the unit, you can do it by following the simple installation steps explained in the following sections.

Window Type Aircon Installation

Proper installation of window-type Aircon needs careful implementation of the following steps:

1. Remove the AC from the Box

The first step is to remove the window air conditioner from the box and also remove the cabinet cover or casing. You have to uncover the aircon from the box. Once you uncover the aircon, please bring it to the selected installation location.

2. Making the Hole in the Wall or Window

A sizeable suitable size hole in the wall or the window is the ideal place for the window aircon installation. The holes’ dimensions depend on the unit size and are usually mentioned on the box.

3. Leveling the Wall or Window and Fitting the Frame

When you make a hole in the wall, it is uneven, and you need to plan the surface using plaster. Afterward, it would help if you built a wooden frame along the sides of the hole. This wooden frame has to bear most of the air conditioner; hence, it should be thick and strong enough to bear the whole weight.

If you want to install the aircon in the window, you need to fit this wooden frame into the main window frame. Some people build iron frames around the window, but with an iron frame, the window aircon produces a lot of noise and vibrations. Before you install window-type aircon, ensure that the frame is strong enough to sustain the mechanical load of the unit.

Use of Cages in the Frame

If the wall and the window cannot endure the unit’s load, you can make an external cage made of iron that is extended to the floor. Although some newer cages only remain on the wall or window.

These cages are also used for security because you can lock them, and the aircon remains in a more secure slot. Make the hole in the wall and fit the frame preferably before purchasing the AC so that when you bring the AC, you can fit it into the place.

Install a Window-Type Aircon

4. Situating the Cabinet Casing

Fitting the casing of your aircon is another vital step. The whole air conditioner fits inside this cabinet cover. Therefore, if you do not fit it correctly, the whole assembly can collapse behind the wall, which is disastrous for the machine, and the people, if there is any around the wall. The casing of the aircon lies thoroughly outside the room and behind the wall or window where you have to fit the unit.

Now, you need to fit the casing or the cabinet cover to the wooden frame connected to the wall or the window. In some cases, people also fit the casing directly into the wall. However, ensure that the casing is strong and tightly fitted wherever you fit the casing.

Installation Angle

The angle at which you must install the casing is another crucial aspect of this procedure. A minimal angle tilts the casing backward to ensure that all the dew water is collected on the cooling coil at the back. This water is drained out using the drain pan.

5. Install Window Type Aircon

You have to slide in the aircon to complete the process. Take the help of your friends or family to slide the unit into the fitting in the wall. Then, fit the external grill on the end of the aircon, and connect the aircon to the electrical supply point. The aircon is now ready to cool your room.


When you install window-type aircon in the room, first mark the wall or the window. The next thing is to build a strong frame that can endure the unit’s weight. After that, you have to slide the aircon unit into the frame and make the electrical connections to start the aircon’s operation.

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