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What Type Of Aircon Is Suitable For HDB Use – Ultimate Guide

The aircon for HDB should adequately meet the criteria of HBD. With aircon being an essential appliance in Singapore, it has attracted a lot of Interest. It is vital to ensure air conditioners meet their required intentions.

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Aircon for HDB House

Relevant authorities are coming in to ensure proper installation and usage of air conditioners. Singapore Housing and Development Board is one of these authorities. HBD guidelines are the backbone of every interior designing company located in Singapore. These are rules designed by HBD authorities to facilitate successful residential premises renovation. 

Installation of air conditioners in HDB-selected homes should be done with much selection. There are a set of guidelines you need to put into consideration while installing an aircon. Almost sure you will need a professional while carrying out this vital process. If that is not so, you will succumb to severe mistakes.

 Factors Affecting Aircon Selection


The Cost Factor

The First thing you will need to do before purchasing an aircon is to determine the amount of money you will be willing to spend. Generally, the aircon is known to be a pricey household appliance.

Therefore, the budget you set for the unit needs to be reasonable. If you set the budget too low, you Might not get a product that will serve your HDB home. Coming up with the proper budget will ensure you get a product that will serve your Units without complications.

Number of Rooms per Unit

The type of aircon you get for your housing project will depend on the number of rooms you have per unit. Regarding the air conditioner, when choosing an aircon, it is better to consider the number of rooms you are planning on cooling.

For example, a window air conditioner is suitable for a single room, while split air conditioners are useful for multiple rooms. Additionally, a central aircon unit is only ideal for those with a large-scale terrace with various stories.

Cooling Area 

Before buying an aircon, consider the area you plan to cool. You might have to calculate to choose a suitable cooling machine for the housing project. Here is a breakdown of some spaces that need to be cooled and the

Capacity required by BTU per hour.

Room Size                                                                  BTU Capacity
100-150 square feet                                                    5000 BTU
150-250 square feet                                                    6000 BTU
250-300 square feet                                                    7000 BTU
300-350 square feet                                                    8000 BTU
350-400 square feet                                                    9000 BTU


You can easily calculate the space you are planning on cooling and the amount of BTU required from the list. This calculation will act as a guide for you when choosing the proper aircon for HDB units. 

However, if the room is heavily shaded, you can reduce the capacity by 10 percent. If the room is sunny, you can increase the capacity by 10 percent. If you are thinking of cooling the kitchen room, you should increase the BTU units by 4000 BTU.

 List down Your Wishes

After you have figured out your budget and sorted out the restrictions you might face when installing the unit, it is paramount to determine what is the usage of the air conditioner. Once you know what you need from the aircon unit should help point you in the right direction.

You also need to determine if you mind heavy installation. Some units, like mini spurs, will need extensive installation. This installation has to be handled by professionals. Some units require minimum effort, like the window AirCons and the portable Aircon units.

Power Consumption of Aircon Unit                    

The Air Con is known for high energy consumption, and it is understandable if you are looking for a unit that will not consume much power. If you choose right, you will have saved your electrical bills. For example, the central air conditioner unit will cost you more than the window AC unit, while the ductless mini-split air conditioning unit will fall in the middle of the energy use.

Aircon For HDB

Noise Factor 

Most people who enter your HDB unit will not want to take a space with a high AC sound. Therefore, you need to consider the noise level when choosing the Aircon you will use.

For example, a central Aircon unit is known to be the quietest, followed by a mini-split system. However, the portable and the window AC units are known to be the noisiest — the main reason they are always located on the outer part of the system.

Quality of Aircon

Since you are looking for an aircon that suits your home, it is paramount for you to understand that these units are not made the same. For that reason, you need to go further and research the brand that suits your needs. With the right brand, you can be sure that you have not only bought the suitable unit for your building but also that you have a machine that will save you for a long time to come.


With the points highlighted above, you might wonder what the best aircon for HDB buildings is. Remember that different houses have different needs, so consider the highlighted points when buying the unit.

Before choosing an aircon, you need to understand the pros and cons of each unit. That way, you can do due diligence and select an aircon for HBD that will serve your needs. Keep in mind that machines help you differently, and by understanding how each aircon works, you can get the one that will meet your needs.

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