Repair or Replace? Which Is Best For Your Faulty AC Condenser

Repair or Replace? Which Is Best For Your Faulty AC Condenser

The air conditioner is one of the many appliances in our home that we never really think about until it breaks. And when this breakdown occurs during an inopportune time, anyone would be racing to get their AC system back and running again. One of the common reasons why air conditioners stop working is because the condenser runs into problems. As it is one of the most critical components of an AC unit, it can be rather costly to service or replace. Read on as we quickly explore the importance of a condenser and which option you should go for if it fails.

The importance of an AC condenser

Have you ever experienced a warm air conditioner?

The condenser plays a critical role in facilitating the heat exchange that serves as the foundation for the functioning of an AC unit. Suppose one or all of its components fail. In that case, the entire process of cooling down the air conditioner’s refrigerant (responsible for absorbing heat and moisture from a room) cannot be completed, and no heat exchange occurs. As a result, the cooling system simply vents out the hot air it extracted in the first place.

Condenser malfunctions occur for various reasons, and it is crucial to determine the actual cause before deciding on getting general aircon servicing or completely replacing the condenser unit. Some of the common reason why AC condensers give out include:

  • Motor burnout due to overload to the condenser
  • Leaks or blockages in the condenser can impair the heat exchange process and negatively affect the air conditioner’s cooling performance
  • Buildup of dirt and debris on the condenser coils prevents them from releasing the captured heat outside

When to repair or replace

Getting to the bottom of your condenser issue requires enlisting the help of a technician. If they find that the fault in the condenser unit is relatively minor and can be fixed easily, they will most likely recommend a repair job to get your cooling system back and running again. Some issues that fall into this category include dirty coils, a problem with the control board, and a slightly damaged motor, which can all be sorted out via aircon repair in Singapore without costing you a hefty sum.

On the other hand, replacing the entire condenser unit may be the better choice if the damage is too extensive or if it has been used for a long time now. Some types of damage that cannot be easily repaired include leakages, damaged condenser coils, and blockages caused by internal debris. If your air conditioner is still under warranty, you may be able to get these problems fixed free of charge. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to replace the entire condenser unit, which will typically cost up to thrice the amount that you would normally spend on repairs alone.


Modern air conditioning systems are more robust than ever, so breakdowns are few and far between. That said, if your unit does stop working as intended and suddenly starts blowing hot air, the fault mostly lies with its condenser. By determining the cause and severity of the issue, you can better decide whether getting repairs or a replacement is the best choice for you.

No matter which option you opt for, PS Aircon Service can handle all the servicing needs you seek. As the experts on all things air conditioning, you can rely on our technicians for various aircon services, including installation, maintenance, repairs, and replacement. So, if you’re looking for aircon servicing in Woodlands, Bedok, Pasir Ris, Yishun, or Tampines, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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