How Often Should I Service My Aircon

How Often Should I Service My Aircon?

How Often Should I Service My Aircon? is a frequently asked question by many aircon users. The answer is not crisp, but it depends on many constraints and conditions. For example, aircon usage, environmental conditions, and aircon health are important in defining the service frequency of an aircon.

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You must arrange service sessions for your aircon to maintain good health of your aircon. If you ignore servicing your air conditioner, you are gambling on your unit’s health. The risk lies in accumulating dirt and grime and breaking down. Non-service of an air conditioner can cause operational failures of the aircon. Keeping in view the importance of aircon on hot summer days, you can never ignore the service sessions of your aircon.

The Vitality of the Aircon Unit

Aircon is a must-have for the summer season. Millions of people suffer from the intense heat around the globe. Many of them die every day, and many suffer from serious illnesses. Therefore, the temperature of your environment must be within bearable limits.

Aircon helps you maintain a desired temperature inside your room or office. You can set the thermostat of your aircon to a certain temperature, and the aircon tries to achieve that temperature inside your room. In other words, modern aircon units help you maintain a healthy and bearable temperature throughout the year.

The Importance of Aircon Servicing in Singapore

Installing an aircon unit on your connection is not the ultimate solution to all your problems. But you should also maintain the unit in good health through regular service and maintenance. There are many advantages of servicing your aircon unit, but let’s discuss the disadvantages of not servicing the aircon.

If you do not service the aircon in Singapore regularly, dirt and debris, along with harmful bacteria, accumulate on the filters and fins of the aircon. These unwanted particles make the cool breeze from the aircon polluted and nasty. If you persist with the same practice, you will soon feel an odor in the air and can fall prey to airborne diseases.

How Often Should I Service My Aircon?

This article will discuss the frequency of the aircon service and important factors affecting that. “How often should I service my aircon? “is the question we will answer in this section.

As mentioned above, there are a few constraints that define the service frequency and are enlisted below:

  •         The usage of aircon
  •         Environmental conditions

The Usage of Aircon

The aircon usage defines the operational load on the unit’s components. If your usage is extended, you will need more service sessions and vice versa. Generally, we need at least three service sessions in the year when we use the aircon more frequently. When the aircon usage is not extensive, one session per year is enough.

The usage is related to the service frequency because the more you use your aircon, the more its components will feel the workload. The elements need service to remain fresh and work in good condition. If the parts work well, the aircon remains efficient.

Environmental Conditions

Before installing an aircon unit in your home, you need to consider some factors and the environmental conditions, especially the cleanliness of the room where you plan to install your aircon. You must know that the room with more curtains and relatively less exposure to the hot air coming from the outside environment.

Suppose you choose a room with a lot of dust in an area. In that case, your aircon will struggle big time because dirt and debris will accumulate on the air filters and other components, reducing the overall aircon efficiency. Therefore, if the aircon is placed in such an environment, you should arrange the service sessions twice or thrice a year and if the aircon is in a clean environment, one service session per year is enough.

Should I Service My Aircon

Crisp Answer to “How Often Should I Service My Aircon”? 

The crisp answer to the above question is that you must arrange at least one service session per year and increase this service frequency to two or three depending on the factors described above.

Performance of the Unit After Service

Many aircon users service their aircon and do not bother calling a plumber. But it is essential to scrutinize the performance of the aircon unit once you complete the service. When the aircon service is complete, plug in the unit and alter the thermostat temperatures to check whether the unit is responsive. In case of any malfunction, you should call a professional immediately.


All we are concerned about is a simple question “how often should I service my aircon?”. We should analyze the answer to this question in the context of many factors affecting that. After analyzing all the possible scenarios, we should adopt a safe and estimated judgment about the service frequency.

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